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Bird & Bird International Law

“This past year has thrown a wrench into planning for everyone in the catering industry. We’d already contracted Quenelles to benchmark for us before the pandemic hit. Now their service has proved critical in keeping track of fluctuating prices and constant changes within the food service supply chain. A tool like this takes away a massive part of the stress and pricing guesswork.” Fabricio Daniele, Soft Services Manager  

Marlborough College

“Maximising the value from our food and commodities budget is a high priority at the College. Quenelles price data assessments during certain times of the year, give us more control of our supply chain network and highlights areas where we can improve our purchasing.” Duncan Wright, Catering Operations Manager

Oxford Brookes University

“We use Quenelles as part of a three-way management control process in conjunction with our outsourced caterers.  By using Quenelles' system we get an unbiased view of every product that is bought ensuring value for money for the University and for our students." Phillipa Fletcher, Head of Campus and Commercial Services

The Royal Society of Medicine

“Our catering services cover conferencing and hospitality of various sizes and requirements which is complex and demands flexibility.  With Quenelles, we keep pace with industry developments, ensuring our food commodity purchases are business efficient which governing bodies welcome as it shows the business is being well managed.” Nigel Collett, Managing Director, RSoM Support Services